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THREE GREAT GIFTS •  IdN Magazine : Promo-Video zu "v19n6 video Pattern/Symmetry", ausserdem "IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue — Character Building" und der Survival Guide "COLORS 85: Going to Market" alle drei sehr reich bebildert auf GoSee


IDN MAGAZINE : V19N6 - Symmetry and Pattern-making

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Symetrie und Muster - ein endloses und nahezu hypnotisches Thema. Und absolut im Trend, nicht zuletzt dank der ständig wachsenden Zahl an kreativen Tools zur immer gewagteren Umsetzung eigener Ideen.

IdN O-Ton : "The possibilities for symmetry and pattern-making in design are literally endless. Transforming mathematical measurements into aesthetically pleasing works of art is a task that increasing numbers of animators are setting themselves. We look at this latest trend in motion graphics through the eyes some of those who have become particularly adept at it."

Wir zeigen Euch hier ihr das wie immer absolut sehenswerte Promo-Video zur Ausgabe "IdN video v19n6: Pattern/Symmetry" — Symmetry and Pattern-making.

Ausserdem auf GoSee : IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue — Character Building. Wir gewähren Euch einen ziemlich ausführlichen Einblick in die Ausgabe zum Thema "Charakter-Entwicklung" im Sinne von Bugs Bunny, Miss Piggy hin zu Lara Croft.

IdN O-Ton : "A good story, in any medium, is only as interesting as the characters in it. How do you invent a fictional being with which the whole world can identify? If we knew the answer we'd be millionaires, but there are plenty of people out there trying hard to come up with the next Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson. We talk to some of them about the difficulties and satisfactions of this challenge and ask them what advice they would give to someone starting out on the character-building path."

Last und so gar nicht least präsentieren wir COLORS 85 : Going to Market. Und das meinen sie wörtlich ! Brutal deutlich stellt sich die Frage was genau alles heutzutage vom wem gehandelt wird - und zu welchem Preis. Die Bilder hier auf GoSee sprechen allein schon eine sehr deutliche Sprache. Der Survival Guide ist erhältlich in ihrem PRO Shop.

Auch hier sehr gerne der O-Ton : "A bursting bubble, tumbling stocks, bears, bulls and futures for sale. Modern markets are obscure, unpredictable and dangerous places. But they also dictate whether you have access to necessities like toilet paper and water, whether your job will still exist tomorrow and whether you can buy a cup of Columbian light roast on your morning commute or not. To get what you want, you have to navigate the flow of trade and exchange. Sell what you have – your labor, your possessions, your first-born child – and buy what you can. Everyone does it. So how do you? Which markets are you a part of? What are you buying? What are you selling? And at what price?"

ISSN (Australia/New Zealand/UK Edition): 2227-2992
ISSN (Hong Kong/Taiwan/China Edition): 2227-2984
Size: 228mm(w) x 287mm(h)
Pages: 136 pages

IdN video v19n6

IdN v19n6: Character Design Issue