20.07.2011  •  Illustration NEWS


GoSee •  Padma Bhatt - die Illustratorin über Inspiration, Herkunft und ihr grundsätzlich sehr ambivalentes Verhältnis zum Einsatz des Computers

Die aktuellen GoSee Illustrations-Header wurden gestaltet von der ebenso charmanten wie talentierten Wienerin Padma BHATT c/o GoSee Member CAROLINE SEIDLER, die wir persönlich auf der UPdate 11 in Frankfurt am Main kennenlernten.

Neben den schönen Illustrationen waren wir sehr interessiert einen O-Ton von Padma für GoSee zu bekommen. Hier ist er :

"Though I was born and raised in Vienna, I have always been in touch with my Indian heritage. My parents were never religious or traditional, but we always had indian paintings around the house, and delicious spices and herbs with our food. Having had schoolmates from all around the world, I feel very lucky to have been exposed to a variety of cultures and I do feel that my open upbringing has influenced most of my work.

I love traveling…being in new places eating delicacies, meeting people, I always feel that time seems to expand when I am experiencing things for the very first time.

The ocean inspires me. snorkeling around and enjoying the world underwater is exciting, I feel like Im flying around in a surreal painting… Everything seems to sparkle and gleam, the colors are vivid and the unusual, jellylike textures are quite fascinating to me. The color combinations I find in nature always inspire me and Im always on the lookout.

I enjoy doing Editorial and Design commissions. I like to get all involved in a topic. With Editorial work, Absorbing and interpreting text visually…especially fashion & lifestyle themes are great. Design work like packaging or a brochure are similar and present a further challenge since the illustration stays in use for a longer period of time and needs to go with the branding of the company. Coming from the field of graphic design originally I do like to think about problems and solutions - the "reason why" of the illustrations I create is important to me when I am working on a commission.

I also like Advertisement, especially when the idea is to attract attention and look good. If the subject allows for it I like making compositions that contain subtle irony and some weird humor. I like when pictures get you out of your usual pattern of thinking by showing something unexpected and causing surprise.

I think whatever the job is, a good briefing, good communication and realistic timing can make all the difference to the outcome. I just finished some work with a interior design company. I was creating fine Art for the walls of a restaurant and bar being newly opened in one of the old Viennese gardens and it was great to do something really big for a change!

I love the nitty gritty details and patterns. I like to work with a very fine nib and ink colors. I keep old magazines and generate collages with bits and pieces. Sometimes I integrate tiny scraps of paper, material or other small objects. I like using finely structured paper and I prefer photographing to scanning as means of reproduction because the textures and feeling of dimension in the illustration is important to me.

I never really enjoyed spending time in front of the computer, my use of it remains limited to digitalization, correspondence and documentation of my projects. When I paint I like to spread out my materials, touch the paper, blur the pencil with my fingers, sponge on the paint, cut out stencils…and I enjoy the fact that the effects I apply with my hands are not entirely predictable or reproducible and always hold surprises in store for me. I love hand made items in general, they feel unique to me.

Working in an analogue way my method remains linear. i dont have the option to go back a few steps undoing and redoing…so I think about what I want to do very carefully - sometimes I even practice on a scrap of paper beforehand. The thought of being left with a original piece of art at the end of a project is further motivation for myself to make every piece special."