20.07.2020  •  Illustration NEWS


The Gucci Summer of 2020 .... Ewelina DYMEK c/o JSR AGENCY captures the fashion vibe of the season, ein Motiv für Euch auf GoSee

Der GUCCI Sommer 2020 setzt auf grosse, richtig, richtig grosse Mega-Sonnenbrillen - und Illustratorin Ewelina DYMEK c/o JSR AGENCY weiss den Vibe perfekt einzufangen. So gut, das JSR AGENCY uns wissen lässt : "Ewelina captures that vibe with this gorgeous illustration so perfectly that it makes us want to upgrade our goggles asap!" 

Cat Lady und Bücherwurm Ewelina  Dymek sagt über ihre Arbeit und sich: " This is gucci ⭐️ Love that 70s/80s vibe of the Spring/Summer 2020 season.... I'm a self-taught freelance illustrator. My technique heavily relies on combining pencil drawing, collage and digital software, which gives me a lot of creative freedom. Apart from drawing, I'm also skilled in graphic design, including branding and corporate identity design."