19.12.2012  •  Production NEWS


First Productions, Cape Town : THE GRACES TVC Spot, Produktionen für NIVEA, HEINE, IMPRESSIONEN, NIVEA, ADLER ... happy holiday & all the best for a successful 2013

"It has been a busy start to the season for First Productions especially with the pleasant surprise of a TV commercial for a Hong Kong luxury property development, in September.

We were left with very happy clients, knowing that they received top quality standard of service, yet with a value for money budget taken seriously. First Productions went to extreme efforts, as they usually do for their STILLS clients, to negotiate the best deals around, but still producing excellent results.

First Productions team, Melanie Bold, Joanne Driffill and Julia Trotha recently did an extensive tour of Germany visiting clients, photographers, advertising agencies and are so delighted to know that our solid good reputation is still doing the rounds.

As always we pride ourselves on our hands on personal attention to all teams always with a smile, our honesty, fairness and transparency with our invoicing, and this was clearly evident on the feedback received.

Recent and Upcoming Projects:

IMPRESSIONEN - Torsten Ruppert c/o Gudrun Hamann Productions.
HEINE - Torsten Ruppert and Sandra Weimar c/o Gudrun Hamann Productions
KAUFHOF - Torsten Ruppert c/o Gudrun Hamann Productions & WERK 2, Dusseldorf
NIVEA - Sabine Liewald c/o Birgit Stoever
DEICHMANN - Nadia Del Do c/o Birgit Stoever
ADLER - Sandra Weimar - c/o Gudrun Hamann Productions
BURDA STYLE - German Editorial
TU STYLE - Italian Editorial - Carlo Miari Fulcis
ERNSTINGS FAMILY - Dorothea Craven
KAUFHOF - Andreas Andes and WERK 2, Dusseldorf
KLINGEL & WENZ - Robert Flammier & Studio Penkwitt

We have also sourced some fantastic new locations just to inspire our clients even more!

We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday & all the best for a successful 2013."