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SNAP •  "The Girl With Seven Horses" von Ulrika Kestere. Zwei Motive für kleines Geld. Order online

"Once upon a time there was a girl who had seven invisible horses. People thought she was crazy and that she in fact had seven imaginary horses, but this was not the case.

When autumn came the girl spent a whole day washing all her clothes. She hung them on a string in her garden to let the gentle autumn sun dry them.

Out of nowhere, a terrible storm came and its fiercefull winds grabbed a hold of all her clothes and all seven horses (authors note: since they are invisible they obviously didn't weigh much.)

The girl was devestated and spent all autumn looking for each horse spread around the country, wrapped in her clothes."

Die Frau mit der vielen Fantasie heisst Ulrika Kestere, ist Fotografin und Illustratorin, stammt gebürtig aus Lettland und lebt heute in Schweden.

Zwei der Motive aus der Strecke "The Girl with 7 horses" sind auf ihrer Seite käuflich zu erwerben.

Bild Details  zu The Girl with 7 horses"
170 gram paper, silk finish.
297 x 420 mm / 11,7 x 16,53 inches
Price 22 EURO / each
The print is shipped in a protective cardboard tube.

Order HERE : uli.bigcartel.com