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NOSY MAG •  Ode - die Hommage an das Parfum in Magazinform, seit Anfang April erhältlich

Ab sofort ist das Magazin ODE der Design Agentur BEL EPOK im ausgesuchten Fachhandel bzw. über die Internetseite erhältlich.

Und da die Nase keinen Unterschied zwischen Hautfarben und Nationen macht ist das Heft gleichsam nur auf Englisch erhältlich. Ein Magazin über Duft? Wie soll das gehen fragt man sich.

Die Macher hierzu : "The goal of ODE is to communicate the experience of perfume visually and to explore the idea of association and inspiration."

Unterstützt wurden sie in der Erstausgabe von Kreativen aller Provenienzen - darunter natürlich jede Menge Fotografen.

Ein Auszug aus dem Pressetext : "An ode, the choric song of ancient Greece, is a word still used in many modern languages to describe a lengthy lyric poem delivered in a dramatic, celebratory, often musical form. It is also related to the Germanic word “odem”, breath, and also makes tonal reference to “eau de” (Eau de Cologne).

The name ODE was chosen for its multiplicity of associative possibilities. This interplay of cultural references and contemporary forms reflects the ODE idea in form and content: A thematic design collage to express the experience of scent in word and image.

ODE asks the question: What associations does a favorite perfume awaken in people who themselves generate images of one sort or another and/or work with them on a daily basis. To get some answers, the ODE team invited 33 people, among them designers, art dealers, a dancer, a chef, a pastry chef, models and musicians, to submit a picture and a short statement that express a memory or inspiration related to their favorite fragrance.

Thus each “personal perfume” was delivered from its fleeting olfactory existence and immortalized in an associative visual image. Communicated with a universal vocabulary of symbolism and imagery fragrances are made visible and accessible to others.

A separate feature focuses on the visual depiction of associations triggered by scent. Here, 13 photographers were each sent a different select and extraordinary perfume in “blind” packaging, without name or identifying features. We asked a series internationally celebrated photographers to create a photograph expressing the association stimulated by the scent and are proud to present the results of contributors including Markus Jans (Paris), Markus Pritzi (Paris/Berlin), Straulino (New York) and Axel Hoedt (London). The wide variety of images submitted gives a very intimate and unusual look at the work of the artists.

The visual content in ODE is complemented by essays on the subject of scent and image, inspiration and association by writer and neurologist Dr. Jens Petersen (author of the novel ‘Die Haushälterin’, winner of the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Prize 2009 and regular contributor to major broadsheets ‘Die Zeit’ and the ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’, et al) and research professor Dr. Claus Noppeney (head of the ongoing project ‘Wissensduft’ at the Bern University of the Arts).

In addition, acclaimed author Tim Krohn (‘Vrenelis Gärtli’, ‘Ans Meer’, ‘Irinas Buch der leichtfertigen Liebe’, et al) personifies eight perfumes in short narrative texts."

a fanzine for art, design and fragrence enthusiasts
English-language publication
April 2012

About BEL EPOK : ODE is the brainchild of design agency Bel Epok, which is responsible for the concept, design and publication. Established in 2001, Bel Epok has special design and development expertise in the fine fragrance sector. The artistic perfume brand HUMIECKI & GRAEF, for example, is a Bel Epok creation. Sebastian Fischenich, Bel Epok Creative Director, is also cocurator of the current exhibiton: ‘Perfume – Bottling Seduction’, which runs until April 9th 2012 at Museum Bellerive in Zurich. Moreover, since October 2010 a research group at the Bern University of the Arts has been studying the speical methodology practiced by Bel Epok in developing perfume. The research project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and will conclude in the spring of 2012.