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GoSeeAWARDS16 FASHION - wir gratulieren Jesse LAITINEN (London) zu GOLD in der Kategorie FASHION

"Work hard because no one else is going to do that work for you, it’s up to you how bad you want it. Are you gonna work in the world you were given, or are you gonna work in the world of your dreams...?" So lautet seine Einstellung zur Arbeit verrät Modefotograf JESSE LAITINEN, der von MINK MGMT vertreten wird. Das Resultat seiner harten Arbeit sind wunderschöne Stimmungen und Modeaufnahmen, die die Juroren der GoSeeAWARDS im Bereich Mode faszinierten. Der in London lebende Fotograf erhielt höchste Punktzahl und gewann damit GOLD in dieser Kategorie. Zu Jesses Kunden zählen u.a. Deitas, House of Dagmar, H&M, Weekday, Whyred, Gant, Stutterheim, Marta Jakubowski, L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Marie Claire France, Metal Magazine, Bon, PULP, Tush, Unpolished, Contributor, Centrefold, Styleby, Crash. Seine Arbeiten präsentiert uns MINK MGMT regelmäßig auf GoSee.

JESSE LAITINEN was born and raised in a small town southwest of Helsinki called Karis. From an early age and for over ten years he used to be an on and off construction worker until he suddenly applied and got admitted to a one-year photography school in his hometown. ‘I still don’t know how I got accepted’ he says, referring to that he never even held in a camera until this point, at the age of 26. After graduating he moved to Stockholm to work as a photo assistant for a couple of years before ending up in London. ‘It’s been a lot of hard work and sacrifices but it has given me a lot and I really love it’ he says. He believes his hard work ethics comes from being in constructions and he is thankful for that experience. With one foot in London and the other in Stockholm Jesse has developed his signature style which is effortless and straightforward. Today he is one of the most interesting up-and-coming fashion photographers in Europe.

What are you up to right now? At the moment I’m putting together a shoot in my hometown in Finland at the
end of the month. I’m really looking forward to it, amazing location that I’ve been wanting to shoot at for 3 years, and now it’s finally happening! My dad will contribute to the shoot as well so it’s going to feel very intimate and special for me, can’t wait!

Can you describe your style? I would say my style is pretty effortless and straight forward, and with a genuine
connection with the model.

What inspires you? Many things; books, movies, people, my dad’s old amateur pictures. And lately
the surroundings in my hometown in Finland. I think that place always inspires me in some way. But mostly the fact that I can wake up every morning knowing I get to do something I love and feel passionate about.

What is your work philosophy? You need to want it, not just kinda want it. I believe in hard work and sticking to
what you believe in.

What is important in your work? Or is there a typical handwriting in your photos? For me it’s very important that I have a good connection with the model. That he or she trusts me and that they feel it’s fun being on set. The best times is when you feel the team you’re working with is trusting you 100%. I want it to feel real!