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news | Niccolo Montanari präsentiert das neue Musikvideo 'Fucking Down' von Fatal Tiger des spanischen Regisseurs Amanda Lago auf GoSee - a visual orgy of senses

Niccolo Montanari reist als internationaler Video Kurator von Filmfestival zu Festival. Hier bei GoSee stellt er uns seine aktuellen Highlights vor. Aktuell 'Fucking Down', ein Musikvideo des spanischen Filmemachers Amanda Lago für den Musiker Fatal Tiger.

'The video explores the struggle we face in accepting ourselves by portraying and engaging with the most extreme aspects of our personality. Produced by Lapiscina,' so Niccolo Montanari zu GoSee. 'Set in a futuristic dystopian era with a strong retro aesthetic, Fucking Down presents us with several women of different ages surrounding the singer in a somber hotel room. Though similar in appearance, each reflects a unique trait spanning across the whole spectrum of human emotions. From playful and kind to brutal and fierce, the singer finds herself at their complete mercy with almost no control over their actions.'

A carefully constructed and purposefully repetitive choreography illustrates this scenario, with each cycle...

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