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Niccolo Montanari präsentiert das neue Musikvideo 'Fucking Down' von Fatal Tiger des spanischen Regisseurs Amanda Lago auf GoSee - a visual orgy of senses

Niccolo Montanari reist als internationaler Video Kurator von Filmfestival zu Festival. Hier bei GoSee stellt er uns seine aktuellen Highlights vor. Aktuell 'Fucking Down', ein Musikvideo des spanischen Filmemachers Amanda Lago für den Musiker Fatal Tiger.

'The video explores the struggle we face in accepting ourselves by portraying and engaging with the most extreme aspects of our personality. Produced by Lapiscina,' so Niccolo Montanari zu GoSee. 'Set in a futuristic dystopian era with a strong retro aesthetic, Fucking Down presents us with several women of different ages surrounding the singer in a somber hotel room. Though similar in appearance, each reflects a unique trait spanning across the whole spectrum of human emotions. From playful and kind to brutal and fierce, the singer finds herself at their complete mercy with almost no control over their actions.'

A carefully constructed and purposefully repetitive choreography illustrates this scenario, with each cycle featuring slightly different movements - some more exaggerated and violent and some more restrained and controlled. This reiteration gives the protagonist the chance to react differently each time and learn more about herself, leading her to predict patterns in her own behaviour and gradually accept herself.

Commenting on the production, director Amanda Lago states: “I wanted to recreate a chaotic environment, in which emotions and feelings are presented through an almost delirious dance. We live in an era in which we obsess over how others perceive us. This has led us to meticulously curate the way we present ourselves to the world, setting highly unrealistic expectations while still trying to come across as authentic. Fucking Down is an interpretation of how this dynamic affects us, expressed through a visual orgy of senses in what becomes an ongoing and vicious journey in understanding and accepting ourselves”.

Fucking Down is the second production directed by Lago in collaboration with Fatal Tiger. Lago’s previous works have won awards internationally, including Best Song Soundie 2017, and have been been selected across several international film festivals, including Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Fashion Film Festival Milano, LA Fashion Film Festival and Video Art and Experimental Film Festival in New York.
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Hotel MFW - der Fashion Film zur Milan Fashion Week S/S 2020 von Giacomo Boeri und The Blink Fish auf GoSee zeigt etablierte und upcoming Italian Brands - eine Empfehlung von Fashion Film Consultant Niccolo Montanari

Niccolo Montanari, Fashion Film Consultant, Video PR & Festival Strategist, präsentiert hier bei GoSee den Fashion Film HOTEL MFW, der von The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) in AUftrag gegeben wurde. Umgesetzt wurde er von Regisseur und Storyteller Giacomo Boeri und seiner 2013 gegründeten Agentur The Blink Fish aus Mailand.

'Shot to celebrate Milan Fashion Week S/S 2020 (17-23 September, 2019), Hotel MFW sees several rooms of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan brimming with unique guests on the eve of Milan Fashion Week. Championing inclusion, diversity and uniqueness, these values form the central theme of the film and are strongly promoted by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

The different looks of the models were carefully curated by fashion editor and stylist Georgia Tal, with a focus on supporting the local design scene by featuring a wide range of brands based in Italy, from emerging to more established, namely Annakiki, The Attico, L’Autre Chose, GCDS, MSGM, Paula Cademartori, Sara Battaglia, Stella Jean and Vivetta.'

Der Auftakt der Mailänder Modewoche findet am Dienstag 17.9.2019 mit der Einweihung des Fashion Hub im Spazio Cavallerizze statt. Es werden 170 Modekollektionen vorgestellt. Einige der Modenschauen werden an historischen Orten stattfinden, wie z.B. im Palazzo Reale und im Museum für Wissenschaft und Technik Leonardo da Vinci.

The Blink Fish und die Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana arbeiten seit 2016 zusammen und produzieren jede Saison spannenden Video Content. Arbeiten wie Start the Buzz, Be Ready und Waiting Room wurden bei internationalen FIlm Festivals ausgezeichnet, darunter Berlin Commercial, Aesthetica Short Film Festival und das LA Fashion Film Festival.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (@cameramoda), Directors: Giacomo Boeri (@giacomo.boeri) & Matteo Grimaldi (@teo_grimaldi), Production Company: The Blink Fish (@theblinkfish), Producers: Carlo Alpeggiani (@blitangeles), Antonio Guarrella (@antonio_guarrella), DOP: Stefano Usberghi (@stefano.usberghi), Set Design: Eugenia Tartarelli (@eutart), Post Production: Band (@band_postproduction), Shot at: Mandarin Oriental, Milan (@mo_milan), Wella - Hair Director: Alessandro Galetti (@alessandrogaletti_hs), Hair Stylist: Luca Moroni, Make-Up Director: Rajan Tolomei (@rajantolomei), Fashion Editor: Georgia Tal (@georgia_tal), Casting Directors: Caterina Matteucci (@catecmcasting), Mattia Marazzi (@mattiamatthewmarazzi) - CM Casting...

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Niccolo Montanari presents on GoSee : Warrior with a Crown - the new Fashion Film by JMP and Francesco Cuizza, in Collaboration mit dem Schmucklabel Ugo Cacciatori

Niccolo Montanari presents an unusual short film on GoSee created in collaboration with jewelry label Ugo Cacciatori: 'Warrior with a Crown' is the first fashion film co-directed by LA-based photographer and filmmaker JMP and model Francesco Cuizza, signed with Storm Management. The film takes the viewer on the journey to become aware that fear and failure are merely man-made illusions. The short film addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight with ourselves, making the journey itself the real conquest.

Shot in Malibu (California) on the beach in the eerie early hours of the day, the film employs movement and an original choreography to unfold its narrative. As viewers, we are presented with two different types of failures. The first brings a man to his knees, overwhelmed by his lack of experience and knowledge. But the second time failure does not fell the man; he has learned from his mistakes and is able to stand once again, aware that he has become a warrior capable of withstanding the challenges of life.

Commenting on the production, JMP states: "Warrior with a Crown is something different. We decided to work with voice-over in relation to body movements in order to engage the viewers and take them on an artistic inner journey.” Cuizza adds: “The film is based on the belief that failure is the fuel for one’s success and attempts to express the weight that every person must carry in an ongoing quest to excel in life”.

Warrior with a Crown is now been screened across the international film festival circuit, with selections including the Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival, Athens Fashion Film Festival, Redline International Film Festival, and Short to the Point.

Creative duo JMP and Cuizza began by experimenting with video as a way to explore the subconscious, focusing primarily on spirituality as the core of its work. Its aim is to continue to use filmmaking to reflect on the human psyche and ego, addressing different aspects with each production. Its next work will focus on resilience and privacy.
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