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featured by Rockenfeller & Göbels : "I hate you but I love you. Dialló Mitch" - Fashionfilm und Fotostrecke von Chris NOLTEKUHLMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

‘Oh my GOD I hate you, BUT I love you!’ is a story about two gay lovers lusting over each other’s beauty while also showcasing their ups & downs throughout their relationship, which outsiders can’t seem to understand.

Subvert Mag: “The two lovers run through Koreatown in Los Angeles to express their lusty ways and crazy love for one another. Dialló & Davonti couldn’t care less about who sees them being as free as they can be because they shut out other’s judgments.” Subvert Mag spoke to model and Creative Director Diallo Mitch about their inspiration. GoSee :

Poem: "Song" by Allen Ginsberg
Director Chris Noltekuhlmann c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
DOP Chris Noltekuhlmann c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
Artist Davontí & Dialló Mitch
Styling IMGIA by Designer Alana
Make-up AnythingForSelenaaas
1st AC Florian Brandl
Edit & Sounddesign Chris Noltekuhlmann c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
Color Grading Julia Rossetti

05.10.2020 show complete article