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news | 'Duel' - Kali LEUZZI c/o PERFECTPROPS stylt für das NASTY Magazin, Fotos Arnaud Ele

“Every shoot is an encounter, an action on a specific moment, a scene. I aim to disrupt the poses of the person in front of me, from the natural to the unreal. I push the model to its boundaries to create a move or a series of movement to capture. It is like a geography of the body; let the body create its inner sculpture.” so Fotograf Arnaud Ele, repräsentiert von GoSee Member Cosmopola, über seine Vorgehensweise beim Shoot. Wir zeigen Dir hier seine Strecke für das NASTY Magazin. Gestylt wurden die Modelle Rafaela Bosi und Alice Oberhag von KALI LEUZZI c/o PERFECTPROPS. Art Direction lag in den Händen von Laura Knoops.

About - NASTY. The dusky side of Arts and Fashion. Nasty showcases fashion, art and culture with a radical attitude. More than hundreds of talented artists, fashion designers, photographers have already been published on these pages, contributing with their visions to create a unique essay on the true heart of the contemporary aesthetic. Certain things are...

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