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featured by Norbert Bäres : Beauty-Editorial featuring Model Jet van Zandbergen für FASHION GONE ROGUE - fotografiert von NORBERT BÄRES in der verwunschenen Kasbah Ellouze

Für FASHION GONE ROGUE fotgrafierte NORBERT BÄRES die schöne Niederländerin Jet van Zandbergen on location in der verwunschenen Kasbah Ellouze, Makokko, liebevoll renoviert von dem französischen Inhaber-Paar Michel und Colette Guillen. Gestylt wurden die Looks von Petra Wiebe. Hair & Makeuup Carsten Richert.

About - Kasbah Ellouze. This remote and romantic kasbah has been beautifully restored by a friendly French couple, Michel and Colette Guillen. Perched on a rocky hill, the Atlas peaks framing the distance, its red adobe towers overlook a startlingly green Garden of Eden. Wheat fields, olive and almond groves, and meadows are intersected by glistening streams, rising out of the expansive ochre landscape. People come here to escape from the world, to soak up the magical atmosphere and to explore the ancient architecture – both natural and man-made. Every vista resembles a film set - you may recognise backdrops from Lawrence of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth or Gladiator, which was shot in the ramshackle Kasbah Glaoui next door.

In the Kasbah, Labyrinthine corridors twist around the hotel, leading to large terraces with Berber-style cushions, low carved tables and dreamy views over the lush gardens, where swallows wheel and dive at sunset. Off the central tiled courtyard, with its bubbling fountain, are several lounges, an informal dining room (and adjoining terrace), an outdoor heated pool and a handful of simple but homely bedrooms. Life moves slowly here and Kasbah Ellouze remains its best-kept secret. GoSee
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