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Achtung, heftiger Föhn-Alarm ! Rankin and Mitchell Wilson wirbeln die Hair Industry mit ihrer Guerilla Quiff Extravaganza ordentlich durcheinander !

Founded by Rankin and Mitchell Wilson, Guerrilla Quiff is the event, platform and creative catalyst for a new era of hair. It’s time to blow (dry) those creative cobwebs away. When it comes to cuts, colours, and coiffures, progress has come to a standstill. The images are the same, the styles are blah (or in other words balayage), and the industry feels like the younger, less cool sibling of beauty. Cultural provocateur Rankin and hair heavyweight Mitchell Wilson are tired of mundane mops and the plateaued photography that goes with it. So, in response to this creative deadlock, they’ve created Guerrilla Quiff - a daylong extravaganza on August 18th, featuring 4 salons, their teams and the hair creations that they want to produce and showcase on the day. Sponsored by Redken and shot by a host of exciting photographers and filmmakers, it was an arena designed to resurrect the art of hair.

Rankin: "Think of it as a fast forward button, putting great industry talents into a room and unleashing creativity, progress and boundary-pushing moments all in one exciting day. The world of beauty is moving at a million miles an hour and it’s time for hair to catch up. But it’s not just about the styles, it’s about the way we are capturing it and showing it to the world. We need to look at the industry, give it a revamp and actually get people excited about it again!"

But this is only the beginning. Not only will this day return as a series of events per year, it will also pave the way for the new Guerrilla Quiff platform, an online hub for the big hair rehash, taking what’s been done, throwing it in the bin and giving the world something utterly new.

Mitchell Wilson: "The Guerrilla Quiff event and platform will give the artists out there a space to get creative with this medium again. It will finally be a place to push boundaries, take hair out of the dark ages, and capture this contemporary and exciting work with a whole new perspective."

Hair is, and always has been, a truly fascinating artistic medium, full of creative possibility and cultural potency. It’s time to get rid of those dead ends, embrace the Guerrilla Quiff ethos and do something different with your do. Redken 5th Avenue NYC is a professional haircare and hair colour company dedicated to providing inspiring education, groundbreaking products and unparalleled creativity for clients and stylists alike with presence at International Fashion Week(s).
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Hilfe, das Plastik-Monster kommt ! RANKINs Plastik-Monster ist der ungeliebte Star der SURFRIDER FOUNDATION Charity-Kampagne in Zusammenarbeit mit PHIL ROPY Digital Philanthropy Cards

Die digitale SURFRIDER FOUNDATION ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich seit 1984 für den Schutz und die Erhaltung des Weltmeeres einsetzt. Das aktuelle PHIL ROPY-Charity-Card-Kampagnenmotiv wurde von dem renommierten britischen Fotografen RANKIN  aufgenommen, der weltweit für seine VIP-Porträts von Kate Moss, Madonna, David Bowie etc. bekannt ist. Das Motiv zeigt Dir das Plastic-Monster, das uns alle bedroht - und es wurde speziell für die Kampagne von Rankin höchstpersönlich entworfen.

Rankin’s Plastic Monster for Surfrider Foundation rampages social media : As ocean pollution hits crisis levels, with our coastlines spilling over with plastic and marine life depleting rapidly, this emergency is now the number one priority for most environmental non-profit organizations. One of them is ​Surfrider Foundation​, which has been fighting to preserve oceans and coastlines since 1984 and now has more than 200 offices worldwide.

Teaming up with Surfrider Foundation to champion the cause, cultural provocateur ​RANKIN, has gone in all guns blazing with a campaign that will stop you in your tracks. Introducing the Plastic Monster; a half living beast made of plastic waste, brought to life because of our neglect. A powerful metaphor for how immediate the plastic emergency has become. Rearing its head from the sea to be photographed by Rankin himself, the Plastic Monster is now raging all over the Internet. Collaborating with the startup ​Phil Ropy​, the inventors of digital philanthropy cards, Surfrider Foundation X RANKIN have launched a digital philanthropy card that put the Plastic Monster front and centre and urge people to show their support on the web.

Rankin:​ “The fight against ocean pollution is urgent and the Plastic Monster seemed the perfect way to hit home the horror that we have created. Surfrider Foundation have been an amazing organization to work with and create an environmentally focused campaign with Phil Ropy’s digital philanthropy cards. Now it’s up to all of us to raise as much awareness as possible to prevent any further irreversible damage to our marine life.”

Produced by Getunity Inc. and distributed by Phil Ropy, the card was released on​. The card is available for purchase ​here​. The card price is $2.99. The cards’ proceeds will be redistributed to the Surfrider Foundation.

About - Phil Ropy ist ein Startup mit Sitz in Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten und Paris, Frankreich, das auf digitale Philanthropiekarten gestaltet und vertreibt, um damit gemeinnützige Organisationen auf der ganzen Welt zu unterstützen. Phil Ropy ist ein Erfinder digitaler Philanthropiekarten. Phil Ropy teilt je nach Spendenaktion zwischen 50 und 95 % des Kaufpreises der digitalen Philanthropiekarte mit der auf der Karte aufgeführten gemeinnützigen Organisation. Sobald Sie eine Karte gekauft haben, können Sie diese ausdrucken und auf den Kühlschrank legen. Wenn Sie sich jedoch mehr für die Umwelt interessieren, können Sie die digitalen Philanthropiekarte auf Ihrem Instagram-Konto veröffentlichen, um beispielsweise Anhänger zu inspirieren.
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'Rules Rewritten' - der Game of Thrones Star Gwendoline Christie aka Lady Brienne of Tarth brilliert neben dem legendären ROLLS ROYCE 'Phantom' in dem Kurzfilm von Fotograf und Regisseur RANKIN

"Phantom’s got that attitude, that exhilarating and effortless wild side that you can enjoy from the second you start the engine ....." so Starfotograf RANKIN. Er präsentiert Euch auf GoSee seinen Kurzfilm für die rollende Legende, den ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM. Im Film setzt er statt auf klassische Inszenierung mit Luxus-Motiven auf provokanten Nonkoformisus der Extraklasse - sprich den letzten wahren Luxus unserer Zeit.

Rolls-Royce Phantom sits at the apex of the luxury world. It has graced some of the most formative moments of the 20th and 21st centuries with an assuring, silent and sophisticated presence. It is the motor car that proudly counts many of the world’s most influential and revered individuals among its wealthy collectors.

Alongside these notable individuals lie a rare and coveted subset of enthusiasts. These young individuals, iconoclasts by nature, have long regarded Phantom as the ultimate expression of creative will. Take for example Salvador Dali who filled a Phantom with 500 kilograms of cauliflower, or John Lennon who selected his Phantom as a canvas for a psychedelic mirage. More recently, Skepta – darling of the Grime scene – transformed Phantom into a rolling recording studio.

In this vein, when British photographer Rankin made Phantom his subject, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was compelled to oblige. Counted among the great photographers and filmmakers of our time, Rankin’s strong sensorial style has led him to move beyond fashion and beauty into a world of atmospheric storytelling.

Rankin shines a light on Phantom’s younger driver focused appeal in a short film that speaks directly to a new generation of Phantom customer. This generation are hyper-successful, self-made, individuality seekers; this generation are in the driving seat.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented, “Phantom Limousine, the extended wheelbase and Phantom, reflect two distinct groups of patron. The former are drawn to the formality of the ultimate chauffeur driven limousine while the latter are lured by Phantom’s exceptional driving experience. Rankin’s playful and witty short film captures the younger and daring charisma of Phantom and displays a refreshing irreverence toward the expected codes of automotive luxury.”

Rankin cast Gwendoline Christie, the English star of stage and screen, most recently known as Lady Brienne of Tarth in ‘Game of Thrones’ and Titania in London’s Bridge Theatre’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, as the heroine who takes to the wheel and puts Phantom through its paces. Herself a symbol of non-conformity and unapologetic success, Christie’s role boldly challenges preconceived impressions of Phantom owners.

Rankin commented: “Rolls-Royce is the ultimate British brand. Number one of one. Eight years ago, I got the chance to drive Phantom when working on 'The Spirit of Ecstasy' centenary. It was the best driving experience of my life. Not only was it exhilarating, I actually felt like a rebel and a part of that iconic history. I realized that Rolls-Royce is the ultimate brand for a reason. Phantom’s got that attitude, that exhilarating and effortless wild side that you can enjoy from the second you start the engine.”

And continued: “In my film with Gwen, I wanted to express this one-of-a-kind sensation, I wanted everyone to know exactly why Rolls-Royce are the best of the best and why Phantom is the icon. Everyone should try it.”

Gwendoline Christie commented: “The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a car of rare timelessness. It epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and authentic luxury in modern terms. Working with legendary photographer Rankin and his team was a blast! They inherently respected the iconic status of this motor car and have vividly translated it with playful subversion, strength and humor. It is a true delight to be part of Rolls-Royce iconography.”

Rankin’s short film will be premiered on screens at this year’s Festival of Speed at Goodwood and can be viewed online at
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