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GoSee loves ... 'Soft Criminal' Fashion & Art Projekt von Fotografin Kristin-Lee Moolman und den Designern Ibrahim Kamara und Gareth Wrighton als XL Ausstellung, Fashion Show und Kollektions-Verkauf bei Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn

'Soft Criminal' ist die gemeinsame Arbeit der südafrikanischen Fotografin Kristin-Lee Moolman, dem Designer und I-D Fashion Editor-at-large Ibrahim Kamara aus Siera-Leone und dem britischen Designer Gareth Wrighton. Die Eröffnung der Ausstellung samt Fashion Show findet am 12. September bei Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn statt. Einige Fotos und Looks, die als Prints und auch als Kollektion käuflich sind - präsentieren wir Euch hier bei GoSee.

Red Hook Labs : Combining a fantastical narrative of characters from the African diaspora inspired by personal histories as well as imagined storylines, Soft Criminal documents three rival crime families unable to coexist in a chaotic power struggle. A disgraced King faces execution as his centuries-old dynasty crumbles before his eyes. His humiliated queen watches as her lover-henchman is shamed in a public tar and feathering, but not before he has killed those responsible for the coup. The deposition is led by new money hacktivists and an anarchic war lord and his lawless disciples.

The collaboration gives birth to a fascinating and personal world of multiple characters expressing themselves through twenty-two handmade haute couture looks. At the September 12th opening these looks will be presented in a live fashion show alongside the collection of photographs taken by Moolman in South Africa capturing the identity of Soft Criminal. Both the pictures and the collection will be on sale starting September 12th during the opening.

Kristin-Lee Moolman is a photographic artist and filmmaker working in Johannesburg. Her work explores the idea of creating a fictional mythology or place based on the synthesis of political, personal and visual stimuli experienced while living in South Africa at this particular time. Her clients and collaborations have included Ib Kamara, Dazed, i-D, L’Officiel Hommes, Edun, King Kong, Rich Mnisi, Baloji and Nataal. Her work has been featured at Somerset house, MOMA, Tate Britain and Modern just to name a few.

Ibrahim Kamara is a British, Sierra Leone-born Artist, stylist and costume designer. He is influenced by the mixing of ideas culturally. He is a Central St Martins graduate and currently fashion editor at large at I-D. He has collaborated with photographers like Tim Walker, Jamie Morgan, Jack Davison, Director Kahlil Joseph, clients like Burberry, Nike and Beyonce.

Gareth Wrighton is a British born designer who works between a variety of media including knitwear, tailoring, photography and computer modeling, producing work that examines the touch of hand in the digital age. The Central Saint Martins alum takes on the globalization of garment production, and the impact of fast fashion on the communities in which it is made and consumed. Warped, glitched, antiheroes recur throughout Wrighton’s work; rooted in an obsession with the grotesques of contemporary culture.

Red Hook Labs is a public-benefit corporation located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and Downtown Los Angeles, dedicated to establishing creative communities and self-sustaining businesses in developing areas. Through their unique relationship with creative industries and commitment to education, events, and programming, they are able to connect education and continuing skills training to mentorship, internships and job placement.
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