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RESERVED DENIM SS2019 Kampagne 'Women' und 'Men' mit Baptiste Zysman & Laura Hagested - PRODUCTION via SameSame Agency

SameSame Agency aus Warschau übernimmt Artists Management und arbeitet als Production Company mit Schwerpunkt Fashion für internationale Kunden. 'We work with international magazines and brands offering full service, photo production and location scouting, specializing in fashion, advertising, beauty, and editorial photography. And we love it!'

Hier bei GoSee zeigen wir Euch die RESERVED DENIM SS2019 Kampagne WOMEN und MEN. DOP war Bart Pogoda / Warsaw Creatives, fotografiert wurde von Stanisław Boniecki. Art Director war Adam Babinek, das Styling übernahm Andrzej Sobolewski und vor der Kamera standen Baptiste Zysman & Laura Hagested.
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RESERVED SS 2019 feat. Alpha Dia & Taja Freist fotografiert von Mateusz Stankiewicz c/o SameSame Agency

Mateusz Stankiewicz c/o SameSame Agency fotografierte die RESERVED SS 2019 Kampagne feat. Alpha Dia & Taja Freist. Das Styling übernahm einmal mehr Karin Smeds, Hairstyling Pawel Solis und Make-up Daria Day.

Das Label über die Kampagne : 'Modernist, avant-garde, vintage. That is the gist of Reserved spring designs. The brand's designers draw on the flamboyant 1970s. And the image of the fashion icons of that decade. The collection features simple but structured forms, so there are many rectangular or A-shaped silhouettes. All in somewhat edgy, asymmetrical cuts. The collection is also full of references to sport and sportswear of the 1990s, which adds to the overall practical aspect. This mix of original inspirations, unique cuts with practicality of the designs is the essence of the brand’s spring collection.'

Reserved is a fashion brand, pursuing in its collections the latest fashion trends. We respond very quickly to the needs of our customers by offering new models in our stores every week. The world of fashion has no limits for us: We get our inspiration from both the great catwalk world as well as the alternative and bold proposals of fashion influencers. That is why the Reserved collection combines the beauty of classic design with the original, latest fashion proposals for a given season for women, men and children. The collections of Reserved are now available in 16 European countries and 4 counties in the Middle East. In total, we have a network of more than 460 shops, with flagship shops in such fashion capitals as London, Berlin and Moscow.
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RESERVED Woman HW 18-19, RESERVED Man HW 18-19 und ein Editorial im SOLSTICE Magazin - das Artwork von Modefotograf Mateusz Stankiewicz c/o SameSame Agency auf GoSee

Mateusz Stankiewicz c/o SAMESAME AGENCY fotografierte einmal mehr die RESERVED Woman HW 18-19 Kampagne. Gestylt wurde Model Lex Heri von Karin Smeds. Hair Michal Bielecki, Makeup Dariia Day. Und auch die RESERVED Man HW 18-19 kampagne wurde von Mateusz Stankiewicz umgesetzt. Ausserdem zeigen wir Dir sein Editorial für das SOSLTICE Magazin auf GoSee.
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