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ultime8, unlimited, koshi brow - Michael BRUNN c/o STILLSTARS fotografiert für SHU UEMURA

Hair & lifestyle products, perfume, fake eyelashes, and handmade make-up brushes – welcome to the enigmatic world of SHU UEMURA. Shu Uemura (19 June, 1928 – 29 December, 2007) was a Japanese make-up artist and founder of the uber-famous cosmetics line which bears his name.

STILLSTARS : “A perfect fusion between product colors and Asian textures gives Michael Brunn’s latest story for Shu Uemura that unique commercial je ne sais quoi.”

Shu Uemura sold his company to French cosmetics giant L'Oréal in 2004 for an undisclosed amount of money. At the time of his death, the company had stores in Paris, New York City, London and Hong Kong, as well as outlets throughout Japan. The shoot took place at Studio Astre Paris, with styling by Suzy Kim from New York.
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Tasche an Lampe - Wolf-Dieter BÖTTCHER c/o STILLSTARS fotografiert für das INSTYLE Magazin

STILLSTARS : “Wolf-Dieter Böttcher is still anything but ordinary. His untiring spirit never repeats itself and always leaves the beholder in awe. Here for Instyle magazine.” Styling by Theresa Pichler.
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Porcelainier français depuis 200 ans - Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS fotografiert den Relaunch der renommierten französischen Porzellan-Manufaktur PILLIVUYT

Founded in 1818 by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt and installed in the Berry area (center of France) for 200 years, Pillivuyt is one of the oldest and most prestigious French porcelain brands. Since the beginning, the company has anchored itself in local heritage. STILLSTARS : “A master of colors in their quietest timbre, Lars Ranek’s artful work was chosen for Pillivuyt’s brand relaunch.” Styling : Monica Cetti. GoSee :
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