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Sängerin Rika zelebriert ihr gebrochenes Herz in ihrem neuen Song 'Doses' - Regie führte Jordan Rossi c/o THE GRAFT

In a departure from her traditional pop anthems, RIKA welcomes 2020 with a new single that charts the lows and highs of a relationship. ‘Doses’ pulls no punches singing about the toxicity of love. It’s a theme all too relevant for clued up 21st Century audiences. For the video Rika worked with Director and Photographer Jordan ROSSI c/o THE GRAFT to bring this narrative and performance-led promo to life.

The video itself weaves several different vignettes of Rika and her ex-boyfriend played by Charlie Georgio. These scenes display the intense love and romance they share whilst also highlighting a darker side to the relationship. One that risks unraveling at any moment. Interwoven within these vignettes is a stunning lip sync performance of the track shot on location in East London. With the winter sun low the images are striking and provide a perfect counterpoint to the heartbreaking lyrics.

Jordan Rossi, director of the video, says: “I’ve been wanting to work with Rika for sometime now and it feels that this video was a perfect storm. We were incredibly lucky with a stellar cast and crew plus the weather held out for us! This video is something different for both myself and Rika. It’s narrative. It packs a punch. It’s shot on location with pretty much all-natural light. It’s a powerful combination of a great story, gorgeous visuals and brilliant performances from the two leads.”

THE GRAFT: "Rika’s ‘Doses’ is the breakup anthem of 2020 and creating room for itself as an instant classic." GoSee:

Director Jordan Rossi
Singer Rika
 Charlie Georgio c/o SUPA Models
DOP David Wright
Client RIKA
Production The Graft
Producer Jerome Danvers
Styling Riya Hollings
Hair George Curran
Make-up Rhea Leric

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THE GRAFT’s Jasper CABLE-ALEXANDER shows unique directorial genius in his new music video 'Round the Clock' by Sorry

The Graft’s director Jasper CABLE-ALEXANDER spins us into lo-fi dreamworld in the music video 'Round the Clock' by Sorry. David Lynch meets Alice in Wonderland, ever thought that was a thing? Well, Jasper Cable-Alexander proves it is. His striking, spiraling, surrealist music video for the upcoming London band, Sorry, follows a woman stuck in the motion of a broken clock. And yes, it’s as beautifully topsy-turvy as it sounds. Shot on 16mm in an all-too real London pub, the video perfectly hosts the band’s deadpan style and 90s electronic overtones.

Jasper Cable-Alexander: “The whole process really felt like re-creating a surreal daytime hallucination mixed with a heavy night out.”

The result is understated magic. The strange mix of characters are the kind that would only appear in your dreams. Complete with edits timed to the beat of the track, Jasper’s creativity is hypnotic to the final frame. So, if you’re ready to get lost in a quirky otherworld, tuned to hazy neo-rock beats, look no further. Jasper Cable-Alexander delivers the goods.

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'True London Blues' - Die Londoner Kreativagentur THE GRAFT signt Regisseurin Bexy CAMERON, wir zeigen Euch auf GoSee ihre LEE COOPER HW '19 Kampagne

Creative agency GRAFT signs new Director Bexy Cameron, kicking off LEE COOPER’s F/W '19 campaign. Graft’s new signing Bexy Cameron arrives in sensational style directing her new film for British denim brand, LEE COOPER. The F/W '19 campaign entitled ‘True London Blues’ features contemporary dancer Renee Stewart and Peaky Blinders’* Harry Kirton floating over London’s rooftops. And if that weren’t enough, the music is scored and performed by the iconic Boy George. The global campaign is produced by The Rig Out, a full-service creative studio, with creative direction executive production from Glenn Kitson, and it was their most challenging creative to date.

Bexy’s filmmaking spans the realm of art, fashion and music with a stellar roster of leading brands under her belt, including Nike, Airbnb, Adidas, Fila, YouTube, Google, and Channel 4. This is Bexy’s second campaign for Lee Cooper and proof of her artistic talents.

THE GRAFT : “From shooting for Fila on F1 race courses in Valencia to shutting down the Louvre for 24 hours on behalf of Airbnb or her up-and-coming work in the fields of Indonesia for Unilever, we are excited to see where Bexy’s directing takes her next. This campaign was both challenging and rewarding – Renee and Harry really pushed themselves to get what we needed – both emotionally and psychically. From leaping through the air on trampolines for hours on end to diving off walls six stories high – it was a pretty epic shoot."

BEXY CAMERON : “It’s a gift when you are able to not only direct but also conceptualize what you direct – and that’s why this job was a total gift. Being able to see something through from the first sketch or thought to seeing it on the screen is rare. It was important for this spot to not only have artistic and emotional qualities, it also needed meaning and authentic ties to Lee Cooper’s heritage – which is why we shot on the Truman Brewery. The piece is not only a love affair between our protagonists but also London itself.”

About – BEXY CAMERON. From branded content and commercials to documentaries and short films, Bexy’s work offers an eye on identity, global issues, insights on youth culture, and an authentic voice for brands to connect to big audiences. She has directed films in Europe, the US and Asia, and has worked in the worlds of art, fashion and music as well as for global brands, including Nike, Adidas, Converse, YouTube, Google, and Channel 4. Her documentary work includes writing and conceptualizing a Channel 4 series as well as films investigating religious cults, fan culture, gender, female empowerment, youth culture, and the music industry. She regularly does talks on the future of content and youth culture (ITV, Soho House, YMS, The Roundhouse). She recently helped Warners create their youth content proposition and has worked with some of the biggest agencies to strategize their content offering. She works with YouTube to teach brand teams – including Coca-Cola, Guinness, Turkish Airlines, Danone, ASOS, and Topman – how to create brand series and branded content.

About – PEAKY BLINDERS. The BBC television drama series Peaky Blinders, starring Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory premiered in October, 2013. It presents a fictional story in which the Peaky Blinders contend in the underworld with the Birmingham Boys and the Sabini gang and follows a single fictional gang based in post-World War I Birmingham’s Small Heath area. The gang had houses located everywhere around Birmingham, ranging from Longbridge to Sutton Coldfield. Many of the show’s exteriors have been filmed on location at the Black Country Living Museum.

About – LEE COOPERLee Cooper Brand is an English clothing company, operating worldwide, that licenses the sale of many Lee Cooper-branded items, including denim jeans. The head office is located in London, England. The company originally produced workwear for export, and began to specialize in denim jackets and trousers in the 1930s. In 2013, Iconix Brand Group acquired Lee Cooper from Sun Capital

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