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news | featured by Emeis Deubel : A DIFFERENT TAKE ON TEA. Attila HARTWIG c/o EMEIS DEUBEL fotografiert für AVOURY aus dem Haus MELITTA

'Avoury' is the new tea brand from coffee favorite MELITTA. To launch the fresh pod system, Avoury turned to Attila HARTWIG c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to capture these graphic shots of their unusual blends.

MELITTA on AVOURY: “Perfection from a machine that can teach the professionals a thing or two. The last word in taste at the touch of a button. Everything else is just tea. First-class tea from organic farming. Sorted by hand. Arranged in perfect blends by professionals and portion-packed in our facility in Germany. Without artificial flavors, colors or flavor enhancers, and without polite restraint, but with the courage to reinvent tea and interpret it differently. In order for each tea to unfold its flavors to perfection, we have designed a system in which machine and capsule form a perfect symbiotic relationship: The tea machine automatically adapts to the specific requirements of the tea. No master of ceremonies. Nothing esoterics, no cliches.” GoSee:

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