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Meet Patricia Schmid: Model, Mom, Health Coach (What Can’t She Do?)
The first year of Patricia Schmid’s modeling career reads like a fairy tale. 20-year-old Swiss model moves to Milan to be discovered. Within a year she is discovered by Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld. She makes her runway debut in Paris for Chanel and Givenchy, and that same year, she is photographed for French Vogue by Testino himself. And they all lived happily ever after.
Essentially, this is true. That magical year was the beginning of an outstanding career for Schmid (now Appenzeller, since she got married last year)—since her runway debut in 2006 she has walked for Dior, Galliano, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs, just to name a few. She has appeared in Marie Claire, ELLE, Flair, Harpers Bazaar, and all manner of Vogues (French, Italian, British, Portugese, Spanish, and more). And you may have seen her as the face of campaigns for Shiseido, Jill Stuart, Hugo Boss, or Versace Eyewear.
But Patricia has been busy outside of modeling as well. She became a light channel healer in Switzerland, studied mediumship and bachflower in New York, and completed a course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. In the past year, she’s gotten married and given birth to a beautiful son. And now she’s turning her attention to sharing all that she’s learned throughout the journey on her blog, Paddy’s Swiss Kitchen. Don’t miss it!
Q: Tell us about how you started modeling—who discovered you and how old were you?
My agent (and today good friend) in Paris send Polaroids to Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld. Carine was working at French Vogue as Editor-in-chief at that time. I was 21 years old. They loved my haircut, the bob.
Q: What are some of the highlights of your career? Were there shoots that were inspiring or photographers and brands you particularly loved working with?
Oh gosh, so many great moments. So my career started with Carine and Mario. Then of course through them I started to work with other great photographers like Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti, Bruce Weber, Richard Burbridge, Richard Bush, Alix Malka, Lee Broomfield, Armin Morbach, Jenny Gage + Tom Betterton, Michelangelo di Battista, Andreas Sjödin, Andreas Öhlund, Greg Kadel, David Byun, Damon Baker, etc.
Q: Fashion Week is coming up—what tips do you have for girls who are getting ready? (Nutrition, beauty, staying fit, whatever they need to know to make it through!)
Well, it all starts with a healthy mindset and s vision of what you want to achieve in this season. Eat healthy and sleep well. Every day before you get up, breathe, imagine a great day, and then go for it! P.S. Don’t take it personally when you get rejected—let it go with love.
Q: Book or movie?
I love movies, my fave: The Fifth Element.
Q: How do you take care of yourself? What’s your beauty and wellness routine?
Read my blog: paddysswisskitchen.com 🙂
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Meet Sierra Sullivan: Model-Turned-Novelist
When you follow Sierra Sullivan on Instagram (which you must), the first thing you’ll notice is her absolutely stunning blue eyes. The next thing you’ll notice is that she seems like a person you’d want to be friends with. From photos of her adorable 7-year-old son to candid, beautiful captions about turning 40, her Instagram is all love, sunshine, and family.
But don’t let her laid-back California vibe fool you—Sierra is a model of incredible talent and drive. She got her big break being photographed for Harper’s Bazaar by David Sims, and hasn’t slowed down in the 16 years since. She has walked runways from New York to Paris and London in the most prestigious shows for designers such as Fendi, Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Givenchy, Valentino, and Chanel. Her strong look has been captured by top photographers including Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Bruce Weber, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, and more, in campaigns for the likes of Guerlain, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Cesare Paciotti, and Revlon. And she has graced the pages of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and every Vogue from the U.S. to Italy to Australia and Japan.
And now she has her own label for which she is working on a line of handbags and jumpsuits(stay tuned for more info on the launch!). And the twist? She is currently working on a novel. We can’t wait to read it!
Q: Tell us about how you started modeling —who discovered you and how old were you?
I started at a local small modeling school and at 16, went to the IMTA convention in Los Angeles where I was first discovered for Elite NY by Karen Lee. They were my first big agency before eventually joining IMG Paris, and they took the helm in managing my career.
Q: What are some of the highlights of your career? Were there shoots that were inspiring or photographers and brands you particularly loved working with?
The highlight of my career was finally booking an editorial job that I knew would catapult my career, and indeed it did. It was shot by David Sims for Harper’s Bazaar, an 18-page solo spread. I knew that all I needed was one good photographer and magazine to take a chance on me to show them what I had to offer. It was absolutely exhilarating to see the results. I also love and adore Bruce Weber. His shoots were always fun-filled and am forever grateful to have worked with him.
Q: Fashion week is coming up—what tips do you have for girls who are getting ready? (Nutrition, beauty, staying fit, whatever they need to know to make it through!)
Get as much rest as you can!! Before, during and after the shows. If you book a lot of shows, the schedule is grueling and often there’s hardly any chance to grab a bite to eat. Bring healthy snacks with you to have on hand when you need an energy boost. Your hair will get a beating so be sure to bring a good repair conditioner to keep it strong.
Do what you know works for YOU when it comes to staying fit and in shape. There is no one size fits all approach. You know your body, so listen to it! Love your body and love yourself. Be kind to yourself.
Have an attitude of gratitude, try not to complain and be positive when the going gets tough. You’re doing something many girls dream of doing and you have the good fortune to do it, so don’t take it for granted. Do this and you will glow with beauty!
Q: Reach into your bag and grab the first three items. They’re all you’ve got on a deserted island—what are they, and would you survive?
My medication (my life literally depends on this), a smartphone with satellite capabilities to call for help, and juice (in case of a low blood sugar, again, life-saving). Maybe!
Q: How would you describe your personal style? Whose closet would you raid tonight if you could?
I live in a beach town in California so my wardrobe tends to be on the hip casual side. I have a tomboyish flair, but with a French chic twist. When I have time, I’ll think of an additional detail to add to my wardrobe such as a feather in my vintage wool hat or vintage brooch.
I also love to dress up for evenings out on the town, but always keep it very simple. I have a less is more approach to styling. I would love to raid Emmanuelle Alt’s closet!! Or Carine Roitfeld’s.
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Inspiration from #ubookermodel Manuela Frey
Elite Model Look is the world’s most prestigious modeling competition, credited with discovering supermodels including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and now…Manuela Frey. When she was just 15 years old, the Brugg-born model won Elite Model Look Switzerland, and was promptly whisked to the world finals in Shanghai, where 80 other winners from other countries were waiting. Manuela placed third. “After that, they sent me directly to NYC, “ she says.
In four years since, Manuela has become one of the world’s most coveted runway models, having walked for Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Elie Saab, Rag and Bone, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Prada , YSL, and many, many more. That’s to say nothing of her massive portfolio of editorial work (Vogue, Elle, V, W, Marie Claire) and campaigns for the likes of BCBG, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, Adidas, Macy’s, Vera Wang, Kohl’s, and more.
Just don’t ask her what she’s currently working on. “I can’t tell you yet…”
Q: We see that you walked in **63 shows** in one Fashion Month when you were 18—what was that like? What have been some highlights since then?
It was an amazing feeling. I love shows and it was very hard and tiring but since then I’m working so much and can live my dream.  I have my place in NYC and love my work and the culture here. I’ve found my second family 🙂
Q: We know you’ve been able to travel the world through modeling (and learn six languages in the process), what advice do you have to other models who want to travel and model?
Just be yourself all the time. Don’t try to copy anyone else! You are your own beauty. Be patient and don’t ever give up! Also, be careful with people and don’t trust anyone immediately. Try to focus on your goal, eat healthy, stay in shape, and always give your best because there is only one chance in this business. You have to ask yourself what you want to achieve in this job, and maybe do something in addition to modeling, because you never know when this career ends for you.
At the same time, don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful job, make a lot of friends, go out (not too much) have fun, and explore the world (but don’t spend all your money). Try working in different places like Milan, Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Germany, early on, and in the end you’ll know where you want to live and work for a longer time. All that said, it’s different for everyone!
Q: Now for some fun stuff. What do you wear on your off days?
Sportswear, leather jacket, sunglasses, and sneakers
Q: What is your secret to achieving those *perfect* waves that your hair has in many of your Instagrams?
It’s my natural hair. I can shower and I don’t have to dry it or do anything to it. I can sleep on it and the next morning i wake up with a perfect wave. But when I first started modeling I always straightened my hair because I didn’t like my wave. Now I love it.
Q: What models do you look up to?
Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Taylor Hill, Karlie Kloss, Josephine Skriver, and Constanze Jablonski. All Victoria’s Secret models—thats my next goal!
Follow Manuela on Instagram @ManuelaTatjana and Twitter @FreyTatjana.
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