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UBOOKER - die globale Model-App kooperiert mit HOUSE OF HOLLAND zur London Fashion Week und präsentiert sich erneut als Aussteller auf der UPDATE!8BERLIN

"UBOOKER Worldwide Ltd, creators of an app and a website, that facilitates model booking and makes the modeling business more efficient and prosperous for all, announces today the entry of Red Circle Investments — Renzo Rosso's family investment company — in the capital of the company. "This represents a key strategic partnership with a great player in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Renzo Rosso, a pioneer who has always been ahead of his time," says UBOOKER CEO Nicola Scagnolari.

Launched in February 2017, after two years of development, by models Diana Gaertner and Claudia Wagner, UBOOKER is a highly curated platform where clients can choose from a wide variety of professional models, and where models can gain exposure, control their rates and schedules directly, be selected for available jobs anywhere in the world, and ultimately be part of an exclusive community with perks and benefits.

The idea of UBOOKER came to its founders years ago, when they saw the acceleration of the industry, with the increase in direct bookings, e-commerce works, and in the general demand for models. Two more investors and co-founders – fashion entrepreneur Nicola Scagnolari, and product development guru Andrea Losso – joined to ensure the creation of a platform built with the best technology to address the industry needs of digitalization, efficiency and cost saving. UBOOKER allows clients to find and book models on a single platform worldwide, faster and with low commissions. It grants models equal job opportunities worldwide, the guarantee of certified clients, quick communication between the parties, faster payments, and overall more control over their work. Top talents' agencies across the world will also be able to benefit from UBOOKER's technology to maximize their performances, exposure and profits. "  Lies den ganzen Artikel hier: 

Wir zeigen Euch als Vorgeschmack ihren Koop-Film zur London-Fashion Week SS19 mit HOUSE OF HOLLAND des Designers Henry Holland - und freuen uns unsere Freundin Diana und ihr Team erneut als Aussteller auf der UPDATE!8BERLIN begrüssen zu dürfen.

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NEU bei GoSee : UBOOKER, Modelagentur, Worldwide; trefft sie auf der UPDATE17BERLIN oder/und folgt ihrem Castingaufruf und schickt ihnen Euer Portfolio !

NEU bei GoSee ist UBOOKER, die App-basierte Model Booking Platform für das digitale Jahrtausend, gegründet von den Top Model-Freundinnen Diana Gärtner und Claudia Wagner. An ihrer Seite als Partner Andrea Losso und Nicola Scagnolari. Hier eine erste Vorstellung auf GoSee - Details zu der spannenden Plattform erfahrt ihr an dem ganz sicher schönsten Stand der UPDATE17BERLIN am Freitag den 6ten Oktober 2017.

Wir zitieren : "For the past few years, we have been looking back on our 20+ year of modeling and thinking about how we could improve the industry to allow models to have more control over their careers and keep more of what they earn. Now, after a year of hard work and with the support of industry experts, a fantastic team of developers, and investors backing us – we are excited to announce that registration is open on UBOOKER by invitation and referral.

Our goal is to make modeling easier, more fun and even more prosperous. Our platform is faster, fully transparent, secure and has lower fees than any traditional representation. Membership is free on UBOOKER, and if you meet the selection criteria, in addition to taking a lower commission on jobs, will have many features to help you:

For clients:

Find and book professional models worldwide on one simple platform

Pay a service fee of only 10 %

Send option requests and book models from your desk or on the go with our mobile friendly site

Enjoy personal support via phone / email / chat

For models (iOS App) :

Want to book yourself out? Just do it.

Does a booking request sound good to you? Give an option.

Going to Paris/London/Milan or NYC for a while? Just

change your location.

Want to monetize your Social Media activity? We will have a

feature for that too.

If you haven’t got an invitation yet please sign up:

Clients : please provide us with your company description,website and a professional e-mail address

Models: If you’re an experienced, professional model please sign up and include your portfolio link so we can see your work for a preselection

Wir freuen uns auf euch !"

Claudia & Diana, C0-Founders, UBOOKER
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