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UPDATE-19-BERLIN : weitere Aussteller bestätigt - über 70 Agenturen aus England, US, Schweiz, Polen, Tschechischen Republik, D-Land, .... so register now !
Stink Films, Spreadfilms, Bransch, Bernstein & Andriulli, Nu Projects, Photoby, Strange Cargo, Hille Photographers, René Hauser, Zerone, Menu, Agent Bauer ....  an die 70 Agenturen freuen sich auf Deinen Besuch. UPDATE-19-BERLIN, 15 November 2019, Hotel Titanic, Berlin. Sowohl als Aussteller als auch als Fotograf (für die UPDATE-PRÄSENZBIBLIOTHEK) kann man sich noch bei uns melden. Bei Interesse bitte eine Email an: 

Als Besucher kann man sich kostenlos (AB-CD-AP-AD-PRESSE-KUNDE)
über den eigenen GoSee-Account anmelden. Sollte man noch keinen haben bitte ebenfalls eine Email an uns an
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UPDATE-19-BERLIN is looking forward to a very special PORTFOLIO VIEWING by WIEDEN & KENNEDY Amsterdam
Wieden & Kennedy is – like many other international top art producers – attending UPDATE-19-BERLIN. And there’s more – we are very happy to announce the very special portfolio viewing by WIEDEN & KENNEDY at UPDATE-19-BERLIN. UPDATE is the longest running industry event of its kind, connecting creative agencies and their clients in the real world. As part of the GoSee family, we reach out to around 150,000 readers; certainly the most exquisite audience in the industry. We’re looking forward to creative visitors such as Mother, Adam&Eve, Serviceplan, thjnk, Sid Lee, LeagasDelaney, Neverest, KNSK, Grey, Ogilvy&Mather, DraftFCB, TribalDDB, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Heimat, BBDO, ... and as an attentive GoSee follower, you know that we know. We hope to see you. For exhibitor info, send us an email to : © // 1 file // show complete blog
MOVIE // UPDATE 19 BERLIN - artwork by Sven Windszus
UPDATE-19-BERLIN - Welcome to 2019 !
Welcome to 2019 ! We are getting ready for another round of wonderful UPDATEs with exhibitors and art producers from all over the world. We started by updating our website ...... besides we are working on first ideas, projects, collaborations. First of all we want to thank Sven Windszus, our GOLD winner in the category ANIMATION/CGI at the 2018 for his artwork support. Very much appreciated. Hope you like our working boys and girls. And we hope to see you in Berlin, November 2019. Details coming soon..... if you can't wait: © // 1 file // show complete blog
IMAGE // UPDATE-19-BERLIN - We hope to see YOU !