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'Green Tears' – Gia Tang in der L'OFFICIEL Suisse. Fotografiert und gefilmt vom Kreativteam KARINE+OLIVER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

Wie eine Amazone aus dem Wasser: Stark, unabhängig und verwunschen... KARINE + OLIVER zeigen hier bei GoSee ihr gefilmtes Fashion Editorial 'Green tears', erschienen ist dieses in der L'OFFICIEL SUISSE.
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'Snow Heads – Shaking it off just make it worse' - SYOSS Antischuppen Kampagne von TBWA/RAAD, Dubai und ESTILO 3D c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

Für die Antischuppen-Kampagne 'Snow Heads' von SYOSS arbeitete ESTILO 3D zusammen mit TBWA / RAAD, Dubai. Dabei übernahm ESTILO 3D Full 3D Print, Art Direction, Modeling, Sculpting, Rendering, Compositing und Retouching.
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Katrin VON NIEDERHÄUSERN, Concept & Illustration, new entry by VISUALEYES ARTISTS

KATRIN VON NIEDERHÄUSERN, Concept & Illustration, ist ein illustrere Neuzugang bei der Repräsentanz VISUALEYES ARTISTS in Zürich, die sich hier bei GoSee persönlich vorstellt:

"I’m Katrin, but some call me Cindy Winkelried. It’s a weird story that I would be happy to tell you another time. Born and raised on the beautiful Bözberg in the Kanton Aargau (also known as the coolest Kanton in Switzerland, I heard), I moved to Denmark last April and currently live in Copenhagen, where I work as a designer at a digital creative agency.

In my illustrations I always love to bring an edge. You know, a little humor some jokes that make you smile. But mostly, I love to hide easter eggs or insiders for my friends. Often I take inspiration directly from them. And from everything else I love, like dancing lindy hop, playing ping pong, old lamborghinis, gruyère cheese, campari. Just the good things in life.  Some people say they like working with me, because I DO things, instead of only talking about it. Sometimes I think we should be less afraid of the rules. Less overthinking, more doing loco things :) that’s where magic happens and unique characters and concepts get developed.

Clients : Zurich Tourism, Tibits, Ikea, Vice Magazine, Google, Youtube Kids, LG, Lego, Hive Club and my favourite client: The Gonzo Club in Zurich. I also work with several musicians, like the swiss rapper Stress and the international artists The Ting Tings.  My work won several awards. I found it very funny, when my drawing of a penis won Silver in the Art Directors club in Switzerland. höhö."
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