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Meet the 'OUTLAWS' – a film directed by Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE

“In a world that is constantly in flux and a society that constructs power structures as a way to control life’s natural chaos, the most powerful magical spell is unashamed, unabashed authenticity to self.” – Kyle Bxshxff

The film ‘OUTLAWS’ was born from a conviction that this authenticity that Kyle Bxshxff speaks of, needs to be shared with the world, and that ‘the new, the next and the now’ needs to be confrontationally lived through expression. As part of this exploration of authenticity, the WE ARE CREATIVE production team from Cape Town, as well as their very own creatives jumped at the idea of bringing this one to life. The collaboration between these teams, as well as AFRICA IS NOW magazine and Cape Town’s LGBTQIA+ community resulted in a colorful celebration of the creativity they all have to offer as a whole. “We could not have been prouder of the opportunity to help tell these stories, and it has been an honor to work alongside every person who invested so much to make sure these stories are heard and seen.” says Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE.

The film roars with a soundtrack from Queezy, and performer Chester Martinez led the movement direction. Both artists also feature alongside other proudly queer models Olivia Sang, Chad-Lee van Wyk, Michelle Drake, Ramsey Lewis, Jeremy Pelser, and Fernando Denté. The brilliant Michael Oliver Love also jumped on board and delivered photography that reflects an unmatched sensitivity and celebration of the emotional essence.

Besides the script written by Kyle Bxshxff, the film was shot by Patrick SPILSBURY c/o WE ARE CREATIVE and directed by Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE, in partnership with Chrisna de Bruyn, and curated by Gregory Russil. They also produced a Q&A sit-down with some of the artists, who shared their bravery and opened up about their experiences being queer.
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Fashion is there to tell a story! WE ARE CREATIVE x Africa Is Now Magazine präsentieren 'Refugee' Editorial und Film mit der aktuellen Kollektion von MASAMARA auf GoSee

Dillon BUIRSKI c/o we are creative setzte die Kollektion des afrikanischen Designers MASAMARA für AFRICA IS NOW in Szene. Der Fashionfilm 'MIGRATION IS BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION AW20' ist zudem nominiert beim diesjährigen afrikanischen Bokeh Fashion Film Festival.  Das Team von WE ARE CREATIVE präsentiert uns hier bei GoSee das schöne Projekt:

'This editorial shoot was born from a place of conviction that fashion can defy norms and cross bridges. The team that brought this one about was committed from the start, to amplify the designer’s vision, that there is a harmony that exists between past and present, traditional and modern, and that there is a symbiotic relationship between the cultural wear of various tribes and certain elements of urban active wear.... This collection, the creativity, and the commitment that went into this film is unmatched. We have been blown away by how everyone showed up to tell this story, and like the designer himself says, fashion is there to tell a story.'

"To me, fashion is more about a story than clothing. Fashion is emotion and passion, and with every garment I design, I remember my story. I become that hopeful little boy all over again. I remember that strength comes from pain, that joy comes from sorrow, and that rivers flow through the highest mountains. My spirit recalls the exquisite African sunset, the irresistible desert flowers, the wild animals, the hills of Rwanda, the fathers, mothers, sons of Africa.” so Designer Masa Mara.

'Being unique and not shying away from my uniqueness might shock people. We must accept that every person is unique in his/her own way.  I’ve found that many would rather follow the crowd, against their own believes, in order to fit in and be accepted. To stay connected to myself and who I am, I need to express myself and be properly represented and that is what my collections is all about.'

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WE ARE CREATIVE : präsentiert Euch auf GoSee den Kurzfilm 'Return' von Regisseur Dillon Buirski

“The film ‘Return’ was born from an exploration of how our relationships and family bring the ultimate meaning to our lives. Our protagonist is submerged in a nightmarish world where he is constantly chasing and running after a better reality, in which he keeps replaying memories of a simpler time with his partner, his muse, and his family. He lives in a constant turmoil of trying to return to a life before chaos. Replaying memories of their most sacred family moments, he keeps wishing he appreciated all the seemingly insignificant events. His anguish builds up and then reaches a breaking point, upon which the viewer is taken through a process of self-realization that what is most important during a crisis are the steady rhythmic beats of our relationships.

The film was shot as a passion project before the world as we know it was turned upside down. The post production direction has taken a few twists and turns over the past two months because we realized the film is incredibly relevant as a social commentary to the current world crisis and the collective challenge that has brought about so much change.” so WE ARE CREATIVE, unter anderem verantworlich für Produktion, Editing und Post Supervision, über den Kurzfilm von Regisseur Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE.

Director: Dillon BUIRSKI c/o we are creative
DOP: Jason Hearn
Production: Anja Marais
Editing: Luka Scott
Post Production: Calvin Shushu
Sound Design: Stephen Webster
Model: Rein Langeveld
Colorist: Kyle Stroebel

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